We are providing CRM Train-the-Trainer Courses in order to fulfill the renewed EASA requirements from 2015 regarding CRM Trainers.

It is important that a CRM Trainer has the specific qualifications required to provide adequate CRM Training.

The Train-the-Trainer CRM Course covers the entire EASA syllabus outlined in AMC1 ORO.FC.115. In addition, the basic training includes the following:

  • Introduction to CRM Training
  • CRM Training Requirements
  • CRM Assessment

The Train-the-Trainer Course consists of theoretical knowledge combined with practical application of the CRM Training skills.

After concluded training, the CRM Trainer will have the following qualifications:

  • Has adequate knowledge of Human Performance and Limitations (HPL)
  • Has received training in Group Facilitation Skills
  • Has received training in the fields of Group Management, Group Dynamics, and Personal Awareness
  • Has demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and credibility required to train the CRM Training elements in a non-operational environment

We furthermore offer Human Performance and Limitations (HPL) Training in order to fulfill EASA requirements for CRM Trainers who have not previously received Human Performance and Limitations Training.

We concentrate on Human Performance and Limitations, and it is important to emphasize how the human body and mind work, and which reactions they have on different inputs. This knowledge will improve performance in various tasks.

Did You Know…

Effective CRM Training starts with the trainer?

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We offer courses in CRM Assessment and Instructor Standardization.

These courses are suitable for Line Trainers and Simulator Instructors