We would like to introduce you to our world of interactive and innovate training tools. We have developed several training tools to make classroom training more interesting and motivating for both the students and the Instructors. We believe in classroom training as the best way to provide ground training for flight crew and cabin crew. However, the training has to be of high quality in order to motivate the crew.

To help with that, we have developed several tools to facilitate better learning and enhance the learning environment.

All our tools are EASA compliant, where applicable, and we are updating our tools if necessary due to changes in the regulation. We strive to deliver the best tools available for classroom training and we are constantly in the process of developing new tools and updating existing training tools.

For more information about our different training tools, please visit the pages below.

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Did you Know…
MAYDAY can be used for assessing NOTECHs in the Classroom

Our Services…
Facilitation and Assessment

What we Offer…
Implementation package to existing Training programs


MAYDAY Digital Solution Game Portal

Game Demo
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