CRM Training Concept

There are huge benefits by using the concept in your CRM Training.

– It is highly motivating for the crew.

– It is realistic and deals with everyday problems

– it is interactive and fun

– it facilitates CRM assessment in the classroom – the only interactive tool available for that purpose at the moment.

– it highlights problem areas and could define future CRM training.

– it provides means for instructor standardisation


The objective of MAYDAY CRM Training Concept is to enhance the non-technical skills of the crew. ‘Effective Communication’ will be the main driver, and the game is designed to improve the communication skills of both the flight deck and the cabin crew. Furthermore, it will facilitate group decision-making and enhance the understanding of the different environments and issues on the flight deck and in the cabin, which will be beneficial for all crew.

Besides ‘Effective Communication’, focus will also be placed on enhancing NOTECHs in the following areas:


Leadership and Managerial Skill

Situation Awareness


NOTECHS Forms are available in the game package.

The MAYDAY CRM Training Concept will improve the understanding of CRM in all phases of flight. It will integrate SOP, Checklists, First Aid, and Emergency Procedures into the training. ‘Briefing’ and ‘Decision-Making’ are also a part of the training concept and will also be enhanced.

Emphasis will also be on personal attitude and behaviour. Incorporation of the DIRTY DOZEN into the game will give the crew an awareness of personal human factors and hazardous attitudes and/or behaviours that could be a challenge for flight safety.

In the decision-making, we are playing ‘Risk’ up against ‘Inconvenience’, in order to get the crew to focus on ‘Flight Safety’ as priority #1


MAYDAY integrates easily into all CRM programs for both flight crew and cabin crew, no matter if you have joint training or separate CRM training or Flight crew and Cabin crew.

It can be used on the following courses, and since the concept covers almost all topics it is possible to highlight areas of interest for the group in question.

Initial CRM training

Operators conversion course

Recurrent Training – all cycles in the 3-year period

Commander’s upgrade

Senior Cabin crew training

it is also useable for management training and for other groups of personnel, i.e. Dispatchers and Flight operation personnel, if you want to give them an insight in the challenges in the operation from a crew point of view.

MAYDAY has a duration of approximately 2 – 2 ½ hours

This includes introduction of the game, playing the game, assessment and de-briefing.

1 game board facilitates up to 6 crewmembers in order to achieve the best learning experience. If more than 6 crewmembers sharing one game board, it will degrade the interaction possibilities amongst the crew, and furthermore degrades the learning effect.

MAYDAY CRM Training Concept is a physical classroom learning game, and is designed as a dynamic game, where the development in the game depends on your choices. Every decision has a consequence, which is reflected on the board.

Evidence-Based Training

MAYDAY facilitates Evidence-Based Training by providing the CRM Trainer with an assessment tool for feedback of the CRM Training. This is used to define problem areas in the skills, knowledge, and attitude of the crew. The trainer is able to evaluate and assess operational decisions in a non-operational environment in real time.

Via the MAYDAY CRM Assessment Tool, you are able to give the crew a valid feedback on their performance in the classroom. The assessment additionally highlights areas that need further attention and possible training in the future.


As introducing a new Concept into an already existing CRM Program can be a challenge, we offer an implementation package in connection with implementation of the MAYDAY concept in your company.

The package also incl. instructor facilitation training, so you will get the full benefit of the potential of the Concept, and at the same time enhance the instructor skills of your trainers.



The concept covers 85% of the EASA CRM syllabus as described in Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 and No1178/2011 for cabin crew initial training

Flight Crew: AMC1 ORO.FC.115 Table 1

Cabin Crew: AMC1 ORO.CC.115(e) Table 1

AMC2 ORO.CC.115(e)

CC.TRA.220 Appendix I to Part CC.


The Concept follow the recommendations from FAA as described in AC 120-51E for Crew Resource Management Training.

The Concept addresses situation awareness, communication skills, teamwork, task allocation, and decision-making within the comprehensive framework of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Did you Know

MAYDAY CRM Training Concept supports Evidence Based Training

Aeroteam is sponsoring The Danish Flight Safety Council with 10€ for every game we sell.

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MAYDAY Human Factors Training Concept is designed by Aeroteam and Scandinavian Avionics in collaboration with Copenhagen Game Lab.

The game is packed in a practical box, which makes it easy to transport from one location to another.

It is not just a Game…

It is a Learning Concept.