Human Factor Training Concept

It is time for a new approach to Human Factors Training  

We have developed this new innovative and interactive game-based training tool for classroom training of Human Factors. 

This concept enables you to facilitate effective Human Factors training in a motivating and interesting way, and at the same incorporate topics and issues which are relevant for your company.  

It also includes an assessment tool for assessment of Non-technical skills. This enable you to measure the learning effect of classroom training. 

Here are some of the topics which are covered in our training concept: 

– Safety Culture and Organisational Factors 

– Human Performance and Limitations 

– The Work Environment 

– Procedures, information, tools and practices 

– Human Error 

– Physiological Factors 

– Communication at Work 

– Hazards in the Workplace. 

– Teamwork 

– Professionalism and integrity 

MAYDAY has a duration of approximately 2 – 2,5 hours including briefing, playing the game, assessment and de-briefing. 

1 game board facilitates up to 6 persons in order to achieve the best learning experience. If more than 6 persons is sharing one game board, it will degrade the interaction possibilities amongst the players, and furthermore degrades the learning effect.  

MAYDAY Human Factors Training Concept is a physical classroom learning board game. 

It is designed as an interactive game, where the effect of your decisions is displayed in front of you on the board. Every decision has a consequence, which is reflected on the board as the game progresses. 


It is important for personnel working in the maintenance environment to understand the application of human factors and human performance issues relevant for personnel’s function in the organisation. It is also important to understand your role and the impact that your decisions may have on the organisation. 

We must try to build a safe interface between the human and other system components the operations or maintenance environment by proper consideration of human performance. 

By “Human Performance” we mean human capabilities and limitations which have an impact on the safety and efficiency of the operations. 

MAYDAY Human Factors Training Concept will enhance the: 

– knowledge of the human factor impact on the organization 

– Non-Technical Skills such as Teamwork, Leadership, Situational Awareness and Decision-Making 

– Treat and Error Management 

Furthermore, it will  

Identify organizational problem areas not known or visible to the organization 

– Improve Risk Assessment in the Maintenance Environment 

– Introduce Best Maintenance Practices which could easily be incorporated in your organization 

This is all done by effective communication and interactive decision-making including an effective evaluation of the Risk, Costs and Time in problem solving. By incorporating the Dirty Dozen into the Game, we also focus on the twelve most common maintenance-related causes of errors. 


Introducing a whole new Concept into an already existing Human Factors Program can be a challenge, and that is why we offer an implementation package if you want to implement the MAYDAY Human Factors Training Concept in your company. 

The package includes instructor facilitation training, which will help your Human Factor Trainers to set up an effective Human Factors Program, so you will get the full benefit of the potential of the Concept, and at the same time enhance the instructor skills of your trainers. 

Off cause you may always ask us to perform the Human Factor Training for you instead. We will ensure that you fulfil the requirements for Human factors training and ensure involvement of the quality department by giving effective feedback about human factors issues discovered during training. 



MAYDAY Human Factors Training Concept complies with EASA requirement for Human Factors Training, including the understanding of human factors and human performance issues appropriate to the persons function in the organisation as well as keeping your personnel current in terms of human factors. 

Reference Material: 

Annex II (Part-145):  

145.A.30 Personnel requirements 

AMC2 145.A.30(e) 

GM1 145.A.30(e) 

145.A.35 Certifying staff and support staff 

AMC 145.A.35(d) 


There are no FAA regulations that mandate specific content requirement for Maintenance Human Factor content. 

The Concept follow the recommendations from FAA as described in 

AC 120-72A for Maintenance Human Factors Training. 

The training should however, match your organizational needs dictated by your SMS or other risk assessment programs. 

MAYDAY Human Factor Training Concept can help you identify these needs by effective feedback of issues identified during training sessions through our effective Training Assessment tool.

Did you Know 

MAYDAY Human Factors Training Concept can identify training needs 

Our services 

An Interactive, fun, and innovative way of training Human Factors. 

An Implementation Package to implement MAYDAY Human Factors Training Concept into existing Training programmes. 

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MAYDAY Human Factors Training Concept is designed by Aeroteam and Scandinavian Avionics in collaboration with Copenhagen Game Lab. 

The game is packed in a practical box, which makes it easy to transport from one location to another. 

It is not just a Game… 

…It is a Learning Concept.