Location & Procedure Trainer

By combining the Training of Location of Emergency Equipment with SOP and Emergency Procedures, this interactive training tool has a very high learning effect. 

It is also possible to assess the performance of the crew in Knowledge, Skills and Attitude when using this training tool.  

The tool is customised to your aircraft fleet with cabin layout and Emergency Equipment and can be made for any aircraft type.  


Training of  

  • Knowledge of location of emergency equipment  
  • Normal Procedures 
  • Emergency procedures 

Connecting theory and operational use of equipment and associated procedures. 

Training Teamwork as cabin crew in both normal and emergency situations. 


Safety and Emergency Procedure Training 

Initial and recurrent training.

Aircraft General Knowledge. 

For training Cabin Crew and all non-flying personnel in aircraft general knowledge, we have developed a tool for better understanding of aircrafts.  

It will show the different parts of the aircraft, such as location of Flaps and Slats, and can be used as a tool when explaining about general knowledge of aircrafts. 

Available for both jet and turboprop aircraft.

Did you Know 

Interactive Training motivates the participants and enhance the learning effect

Our services 

Turnkey solutions for training with in your airline 

What We Offer 

Customised Training tools for your Airline 

Further information 

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MAYDAY Location and Procedure Trainer 

Is developed by Aeroteam Training Solutions and is available in the following Aircraft Types 




CRJ 200 (2 versions) 

ATR 72 

This training tool can be developed to any aircraft type and any location of emergency equipment.