Pre-flight Briefing Cards

Safety is an essential part of cabin crew awareness. These cards are used to give the cabin crew inspiration for the pre-flight safety briefing and facilitates an open discussion while learning from each other at the same time. 


Enhance of the operational knowledge of procedures 

Enhance of the pre-flight crew safety briefings 

Better knowledge of location of equipment 


For pre-flight safety briefings. 

Safety and Emergency Training. 

Standard Operating Procedure Training 

The cards are for inspiration for the SCCM or the person in charge of the pre-flight Crew Safety Briefing and no answers are provided as some answer from airline to airline depending of their SOP. 

This will make the crew aware of any lack in knowledge and they have the opportunity to look into their manuals and find the answer. 

This will give a better knowledge of the procedures and where to find the information.  


Did you Know 

Effective Communication is one of the best to share knowledge 

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Practical Information 

The box has between 800 and 900 different questions in the following subjects 

  • Standard Operating Procedures 
  • Safety and Emergency Procedures 
  • Safety Equipment 
  • First Aid 
  • Dangerous Goods 
  • Flight Time Limitations 
  • Search and Rescue, Survival 

More cards can be developed relating to Aircraft type and/or Operator  

MAYDAY Preflight Briefing Cards 

Is developed by Aeroteam Training Solutions as a tool for the crew safety briefing. 

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