Stress Management

MAYDAY Stress Management is an interactive learning game where you learn about stress, how it occurs, how it affects you and your organization and not the least how to prevent it. 

The game takes players through a year at the workplace of an airline under pressure. As a team you must collaborate to succeed with your core task while at the same time creating a company culture and structure that prevent stress. 

During the game players reflect upon how to transfer insights and perspectives to their own workplace. They finish the game by discussing which concrete actions they can take to create a culture and structure at their own workplace to prevent stress.  

MAYDAY Stress Management is based on the most recent theories and practical experiences with stress prevention. It’s a “Stress consultant in a box” – a tool that illustrates how groups and teams can act proactively when colleagues are at risk of becoming ill with stress. 

It is at the same time an affordable tool that can be used throughout an organization to make sure that all employees get a chance to test their experience in a simulated reality, where you can make wrong decision without cost or added risk. 

This also creates a shared language, useful reflections and a shared ownership of decisions.  


The players learn individually and as a team 

– How to create balance in your work assignments, when extra tasks appear 

– How to identify when colleagues are under pressure and what to do about it 

– How to create a stress-preventive culture and structure 

– What they are good at and where to improve 

Practical Information 

– Use on theme days, seminars, courses etc. 

– Duration: 90 minutes 

– Number of players: 3 – 5 per game 

– The game is self-facilitating  

For a team event with 18 – 20 participants, you need 4 games which can be played simultaneously. You do not need a trained facilitator, but the game can be introduced by a manager or in-house HR-consultant. 

Did you Know 

MAYDAY Stress Management can help you to be proactive in stress prevention 

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MAYDAY Stress Management is developed by Copenhagen Game Lab, Mette Kjærgaard Svendsen, Specialist in workplace and organisational psychology, Lasse Rønnoe, Senior Consultant Arbejdsmiljø København, Christina Holm, Therapist and Business Coach 

The game is packed in a practical box, which makes it easy to transport from one location to another. 

It is not just a Game…

It is a Learning Concept.