Training Courses

AEROTEAM Training Solutions has developed the MAYDAY training concept to improve training of aviation professionals all over the world.

Our series of MAYDAY Digital Solutions is designed so your own CRM or Human Factors Trainer can run the sessions with a minimum of preparation.

However, facilitation is a great part of our concept and therefore we offer different courses for instructors and trainers to help them to get the best learning effect of the training sessions.


Instructor Facilitation Training

  • Training in classroom and group facilitation incl. group management, group dynamics and personal awareness
  • Applicable for CRM trainers, Human Factors trainers and other ground instructors performing classroom training.

EASA Part ORO – AMC3 ORO.FC.115 / AMC3 ORO.CC.115(e)


Area 100 KSA – Knowledge, skills and Attitude Assessments

  • Training course incl. learning styles, facilitation techniques, threat and error management (TEM), dynamic assessment criteria, performance indicators, briefing and debriefing, standardisation of assessments, ICAO Core competencies.
  • Applicable for Ground Instructors on ATO’s

EASA Part ORA – AMC2 ORA.ATO.230(a)


CRM Assessments

  • Training course in assessment of CRM skills in a non-operational environment.

CRM principles and assessment criteria, incl. learning styles and instructor techniques, Threat and Error Management, NOTECH’s evaluation and assessment.

Incl. practical exercises and assessment of CRM skills.

  • Applicable for CRM trainers, Line trainers, Simulator Instructors, etc.


MAYDAY Facilitation training

  • Introduction to the MAYDAY Training Tool
  • Introduction to NOTECHs assessment criteria
  • Practical application of Facilitation and assessment

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