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AEROTEAM Training Solutions has developed a concept that provides turnkey solutions for training within your airline. MAYDAY Location & Procedure Trainer is an interactive training tool which enhances their learning outcome and motivates the participants to gain knowledge about the aircraft. The tool provides a very high learning effect for your staff, as it combines training of locating Emergency Equipment with SOP and Emergency Procedures 

We ensure an interactive training tool customized for your aircraft fleet with a modelled cabin layout and existing stock of emergency equipment. The tool can be made for any type of aircraft and various locations of emergency equipment on board and is currently available for the following types of aircraft: A319, A320, A340, CRJ 200 (2 versions), and ATR 72-500.  

Furthermore, this learning tool can be used to facilitate and assess the performance of the crew in terms of Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude.

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MAYDAY Location & Procedure Trainer was developed in order to provide training for cabin crew with an interactive tool for training of procedures and the location of Emergency Equipment.

The objective is to train:

  • Knowledge of location of emergency equipment
  • Normal Procedures (SOP)
  • Emergency procedures

And to connect theory and operational use of equipment and associated procedures.

This training tool provides a platform to train group dynamics and teamwork as cabin crew in both normal and emergency situations.

Group size: 2 - 5
Duration: 30 – 60 min.
Topics: SOP, SEP, location of EMG Equipment,
Benefits: Safety and Emergency Procedure Training, ideal for initial and recurrent training, can be produced to any aircraft.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Diameter x length

7.5 x 55 cm

Aircraft types

A319, A320, A340, CRJ 200 (2 versions), ATR 72-500

Package includes

Board with layout of aircraft.
Equipment tokens (varies depending on aircraft type and operator)
Procedure tokens 

 Packed in a quality cardboard Tube for easy transportation. 

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