MAYDAY Human Factors Training


MAYDAY Human Factors Training is an interactive training tool for classroom training. This new and innovative learning concept enhances your knowledge of human factor impact within your organization. More specifically, MAYDAY Human Factors Training enables your organization to assess Non-Technical Skills such as Teamwork, Leadership, Situational Awareness, and Decision-Making. The concept furthermore helps you to enhance Threat and Error Management in your organization, thereby improving Risk Assessment in the maintenance environment.    

This new learning concept is an excellent way for you to identify training needs within your organization as it enables you to monitor and assess the learning effect of classroom training by using the build-in Assessment Tool. Additionally, MAYDAY Human Factors Training introduces Best Maintenance Practices which can easily be incorporated in your organization accommodating issues and topics pertinent to your organization.

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MAYDAY Human Factors Training was created to enhance the understanding of effective teamwork within the staff of your organization.

We believe that innovative Human Factors Training in conducive to a more profound understanding of the application of human factors and human performance issues relevant for personnel’s function in your organisation. “Human performance” refers to the human capabilities and limitations of your staff which may in turn affect the safety and efficiency of your operations. Essentially, this learning concept will highlight the importance of understanding your role within the organization and the impact your decisions may have on your staff.   

 Since this learning concept incorporates an interactive approach to human factors, the effects and consequences of your decisions are displayed in front of you on the board, as the game progresses. These consequences are displayed as Extra RISK, Extra TIME, and Extra COST. The DIRTY DOZEN highlights the twelve most common maintenance-related causes of error and their impact on your organization and staff.  

 The cornerstones of this game are effective communication and interactive decisions-making which enables you to facilitate and assess operational decisions in a non-operational environment characterized by a fun, innovative, and interactive learning approach.
 MAYDAY Human Factors Training is a dynamic learning concept. This means that your decisions will affect the outcome of the game.  

 The game also provides you with a unique feedback possibility of Company Human Factors issues. The debriefing feature enables you to collect feedback from the participants, highlighting problem areas, and providing you with possible solutions to company issues.  

Group size: 3 – 6 people per game
Duration: 2 – 2,5 hours
Topics: Safety Culture and Organizational Factor, Human Performance and Limitations, Work Environment, Human Error, Teamwork etc.

  • EASA: Annex II (part-145) 145.A.30; AMC2 145.A.30(e); GM 145.A.30(e); 145.A.35; AMC 145.A.35(d)
  • FAA: the concept follows the recommendations from FAA described in AC 120-72A for Maintenance Human Factors Training.

Benefits: Cost effective, easy to implement into existing training programmes, can identify training needs and problem areas. 

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 6.5 cm

Package includes:

Game board and accessories
Set of staff cards
Set of task/rule cards
Debriefing and feedback forms
Facilitator guide
Game rules 

All packed in a quality cardboard box for easy transportation.