MAYDAY Stress Management


MAYDAY Stress Management is an interactive learning game about stress. How does it occur? How does it affect you and your organization? How can you prevent it?

Not only does stress have negative physical effects on the body. It also affects workplace performance in a detrimental manner. Therefore, it is crucial to identify, address, and prevent stress proactively in order to secure well-being for employees and enhance their workplace performance 

MAYDAY Stress Management is based on the most recent theories and practical experiences with stress prevention. Essentially, the game provides a “Stress consultant in a box”. A tool that illustrates how groups and teams can act proactively when colleagues are at risk of becoming ill with stress.

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MAYDAY Stress Management presents realistic workplace scenarios of an airline under pressure throughout the course of a year. As a team, you must collaborate in order to succeed with your core task while simultaneously creating a company culture and organizational structure that will prevent stress.  

During the game, players must reflect on how to transfer their own insights and perspectives to their workplace environment. The players can only complete the game by discussing which specific actions they can take in order to create a culture and structure at their own workplace that will prevent stress.    

MAYDAY Stress Management is an effective concept that enables proactive stress prevention within your organization. Furthermore, the game is an affordable tool that can be used throughout your organization to make sure that all employees get a chance to try out their experience in a simulated reality, where you can make wrong decisions without cost or added risk.  

The game produces a shared language, useful reflections, and a shared ownership of decisions among the participants. These qualities essentially enable the players to learn more about themselves as an individual and as a team member. Firstly, the game enhances their ability to create a balance in their work assignments when additional tasks appear. Secondly, the players learn how to identify colleagues under pressure and how to act accordingly. Thirdly, they learn how to create and maintain a stress-preventive culture and structure within the organization. Lastly, the game accentuates good qualities and areas with room for improvement.

Group size: 3 – 5 players per game
Duration: 90 minutes
Topics: Stress Management and Prevention
Benefits: Highlights a proactive approach to stress prevention, can be used on theme days, for seminars or courses etc. 

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 6.5 cm

Package includes

Game Board
Set of Staff cards
Set of event cards
Set of Action cards
Set of reflection cards
Facilitator guide 

All packed in a quality cardboard box for easy transportation.