Pre-flight Briefing Cards


Safety is an essential part of cabin crew awareness. Our belief in safety management has prompted us to create a tool to facilitate crew safety briefings before flight. The briefing cards provide the cabin crew with inspiration for the pre-flight safety briefing and facilitates an open discussion and ensures a reciprocating learning outcome.  

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AEROTEAM Training Solutions developed the concept of MAYDAY Pre-flight Briefing Cards as a tool for crew safety briefings.  

The box of briefing cards contains between 800 and 900 questions in the following categories:  

  • Standard Operating Procedures  
  • Safety and Emergency Procedures  
  • Safety Equipment  
  • First Aid 
  • Dangerous Goods 
  • Flight Time Limitations 
  • Search and Rescue, Survival
  • A/C type specific (optional)

It is possible to develop additional cards and categories depending on aircraft type and/or operator.

When using these cards within your organization, you enhance the crew’s operational knowledge of procedures, their knowledge of pre-flight crew safety briefings, and their knowledge of the specific location of equipment 

The cards can be used for:  

  • Pre-flight safety briefings 
  • Safety and Emergency Training 
  • Standard Operating Procedure Training.

MAYDAY Pre-flight Briefing Cards serve as inspiration for the SCCM or the person in charge of the pre-flight Crew Safety Briefing. The cards furthermore help the crew to identify lack in knowledge, thereby providing them with an opportunity to look in the manuals to find the answer.  

Group size: N/A
Duration: Any timeframe.
Topics: Cabin Crew Safety, SOP, SEP, EMG, FTL, DGR etc.
Benefits: Identifies and corrects lack in knowledge, enhances the crew’s procedural knowledge.  

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Set of questions in a practical cardboard box with magnetic lock