Crew Resource Management

Crew Resource Management – CRM – is a tool developed for understanding and handling human errors, which can essentially result in fatal accidents. However, it is important to emphasize that CRM Training cannot prevent human errors, but you can learn how to handle the errors that occur in a more efficient way. The courses are compliant with EASA.

We want to increase KNOWLEDGE, enhance SKILLS and to achieve and maintain an assertive ATTITUDE amongst the crew in order to deal professional with everyday issues. When they are professional as a natural behaviour, it makes it easier to be professional and maintain situation awareness in emergency situations and make better decisions under pressure.

Aeroteam develops and provides new and innovative CRM training methods. We have developed an interactive and innovative classroom learning game for CRM classroom training. This learning game is the closest you will get to real life in the classroom environment, and it brings a whole new approach to CRM Training.

With this new tool you are able to apply new acquired CRM knowledge and skills from the classroom directly into flight operation. By solving problems together as a crew, the cabin crew understands why the pilots makes the decisions they do, and the pilots realise what impact their decisions have on the cabin crew.

Aeroteam offers the following CRM Training Courses:

Flight Crew:

  • Initial Operator’s CRM Training
  • Operator’s Conversion Course
    • When changing type of aircraft
    • When changing operator
  • Annual Recurrent Training
  • Command Course

Cabin Crew:

  • Introductory Course on CRM
  • Operator’s CRM Training
  • Operator’s Aircraft Type Conversion Training
  • Annual Recurrent Training
  • Senior Cabin Crew Member (SCC) Course

We also offer joint CRM Training for Flight Crew and Cabin Crew and other operations personnel.

Joint Training:

  • Annual Recurrent Training

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