Dangerous Goods Training

Safe transport of Dangerous Goods is important for the whole aviation community, whether you have approval to transport dangerous goods or not.

If you are not allowed to transport dangerous goods, you need to know what you can’t accept on-board and to recognize potentially dangerous goods hidden in cargo or among passengers.

There has been an increasing risk associated with the carriage of lithium batteries for all kind of purposes. These course highlights these risks and how to deal with this problem


Aeroteam has approval by the Danish CAA to conduct Dangerous goods courses in the following categories:

IATA Category 10 – Flight Crew members, Loadmasters, Load planers, Flight operation Officers / Flight Dispatchers IATA Category 11 – Crew members (other than flight crew members) IATA Category 12 – Security Screeners, Supervisors and Staff involved in implementing security procedures

No-Carry Operators – All Categories IATA Categories 13 – 14 – 15 – 16 – 17

Did You Know…

That you need training in Dangerous Goods even if you re not approved to transport Dangerous Goods

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Training in handling Lithium Batteries for Crew