Ground Operations Training

The right training for Flight Operations Personnel will make the operation more professional and cost-effective.

Imagine that your flight planners knew the value of optimum level, have an understanding of cost-index and know the effect of different optimizing fuel planning concepts.

This could be beneficial in everyday flight operations.


Aeroteam provides training for Flight Operations in the following areas:

  • Flight Planning
  • EASA Fuel Policy
  • Performance Class A Aircrafts
  • Mass & Balance
  • General Navigation
  • Understanding Cost Index C/I
  • Operational procedures
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • EASA regulation

We are at the moment working on an education for Flight Operation Officers (FOO/Dispatchers) and Flight Operations Assistants (FOA) in cooperation with different operators to fulfil the increasing demand for qualified personnel in flight operations.

Did You Know…

That planning a flight in optimum level instead of 2000 feet below could save up to 1 % of fuel?

That optimum cost index is not equal to lowest fuel consumption?

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Flight Operation Officer Training Flight Operation Assistant Training

What We Offer

Better understanding of Performance of Aircraft.

Better synergy between Flight Ops and Flight Crew